What Is the AAE?

THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION of Endodontists is a professional organization dedicated to...

THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION of Endodontists is a professional organization dedicated to supporting the endodontic dental specialty and the 8,000+ endodontist members across the world. The AAE was founded in 1943 and is headquartered in Chicago.

What Does the AAE Do?

The main functions of the AAE include:

  • Patient outreach and education about root canal therapy and saving natural teeth
  • Supporting educators training the next generation of endodontists
  • Continuing education and endodontic best practices
  • Member advocacy
  • Supporting endodontic research
  • Providing certification through the American Board of Endodontists

The Ancient Science of Endodontics

Archeological evidence shows that endodontics has been practiced in some form for over two thousand years. A skull was found in the Negev Desert in Israel with a bronze wire in one of its teeth, which researchers believe was used to treat infected pulp.

There is also evidence that pulp chambers were drained to relieve pressure and pain in the first century A.D., and dentists gradually learned more about the role of dental pulp in the health of the teeth and developed many methods for treating it, including cauterizing and removing the pulp or covering it in protective coatings made of gold foil or more dubious substances like asbestos.

The Largest Leap of Endodontics

X-rays and anesthetics made numerous advancements possible in the field of endodontics. They made it easier for the endodontists to operate and more comfortable for the patients. Steady progress has been made since then, with scientific research yielding numerous advances. Before long, millions of patients were having their teeth saved from extraction by root canal therapy every year.

The AAE Emerged As Interest in Endodontics Grew

A small group of dentists, practitioners, and educators sent out invitations to colleagues in December of 1942. They wanted to form a society to share their experiences and interests in endodontics, and three months later, they founded the American Association of Endodontics at the Palmer House in Chicago.

The Evolution of the AAE

Over the years, the AAE has responded to the changes of American society and the dental profession alike, particularly rapid advances in dental technology, the explosion of knowledge in health sciences, and the dramatic changes in demographics of dental diseases. The AAE’s mission has grown beyond serving as a forum for the exchange of information into an educational agency for the profession, promoting the best endodontic care for patients.

An Official Specialty Since 1963

Thanks in large part to the work of the AAE, endodontics was officially recognized as a dental specialty by the American Dental Association in 1963. When it comes to saving teeth, there’s no one better than an AAE endodontist!

Your teeth are in the best hands!

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