How Dr. Grossman Treats Recurrent Infection

What Is Endodontic Microsurgery?

In some cases, root canal therapy isn’t enough, and surgery is needed. In cases where a past root canal treatment has failed (which could happen years after the initial treatment), microsurgery can sometimes save the tooth.

The Tools That Make Microsurgery Possible

In order to work on such a small scale, our doctors need very special equipment. This includes magnification using the Zeiss Surgical Microscope to see the root tip better and a number of specialized surgical tools to work on the affected area.

Your Microsurgery Is In Good Hands At Whitby Endodontics

If you’ve been having problems with a previous root canal, don’t delay! Give us a call at (905) 668-6747 or send us an email so that Dr. Grossman or Dr. Geisler can take a look. Your tooth could benefit from microsurgery.