Treating Traumatic Injuries At Whitby Endodontics

When An Injury Affects Your Teeth

Even when we take excellent care of our teeth, sometimes accidents happen and cause significant damage. If this happens to you or someone you love, it is critical to get treatment as quickly as possible, because it may be possible to save the affected tooth or teeth!

Dislodged Teeth

Some mouth injuries can push teeth deeper into their sockets. Your general dentist may be able to move the tooth back into place and stabilize it, but root canal treatment will most likely be necessary to save the tooth. This will typically take place within a few weeks of the injury.

In cases where a tooth is pushed partially out of its socket, your general dentist may stabilize it, and if the pulp wasn’t damaged, it might not need further treatment. If the pulp was damaged, however, it will need root canal treatment. Leaving it untreated could lead to complications such as infection of the tooth and surrounding tissue, inadequate hygiene, and tooth loss.

Avulsed Teeth

When an injury knocks a tooth out completely, go straight to your general dentist for treatment! Make sure to keep the tooth moist, ideally by putting it back into the socket (if possible). If the tooth remains moist, it can usually be saved. If it isn’t possible to keep it in the socket, store it in milk. Avoid touching the root at all — even to clean it, because this could damage it. The length of time the tooth spends out of your mouth and the way you store it will impact the type of treatment you receive. An avulsed tooth can be saved, in many instances, if the tooth is re-implanted quickly, but will need root canal treatment. If the tooth is not re-implanted in time the body will reject it over time resulting in external resorption and the eventual loss of the tooth.

Let Dr. Grossman or Dr. Geisler Save Your Tooth

Fast action on your part is one of the crucial components of giving a tooth damaged by injury its best chance. First contact your general dentist right away and request a referral to Whitby Endodontics if deemed necessary. If your general dentist feels a referral is warranted then Dr. Grossman or Dr. Geisler will examine the tooth and determine what type of treatment will be the best option.