Vital Pulp Therapy Can Save Your Roots

What Is Vital Pulp Therapy?

The goal of vital pulp therapy (also called pulpotomy) is to save healthy dental pulp in the root of a tooth that has decay in the crown. In this procedure, Dr. Grossman or Dr. Geisler removes the diseased pulp from the crown of the tooth and fills the crown with medicated material to preserve the healthy pulp tissue in the roots until the root canal can be completed. This is just a temporary emergency procedure to alleviate your symptoms when there is not time available for the full root canal treatment. Vital pulp therapy is only recommended when there is no swelling or abscess around the tooth and it is not loose. Your general dentist will sometimes do this for an injured baby tooth without a full root canal to save it from early extraction until the permanent tooth is ready to erupt.

Why Not Place An Implant Instead Of Trying To Save My Tooth?

It is always better (and less costly) to preserve as much of the natural tooth as possible. Implants are expensive and require a long recovery period, but pulpotomies and root canal treatment allow you to keep your tooth.

How Whitby Endodontics Can Help

If you are experiencing tooth pain or have damaged a tooth in an accident, first contact your general dentist right away and request a referral to Whitby Endodontics if deemed necessary. If your general dentist feels a referral is warranted then Dr. Grossman or Dr. Geisler will examine the tooth and determine what type of treatment will be the best option. Call us at (905) 668-6747 or send us an email.