Meet Dr. Jeffrey Grossman

Dr. Grossman completed his dental training at the University of Toronto. After practicing as a general dentist for 5 years he decided his calling was endodontics (root canal therapy). He applied and was one of eleven students accepted to the Endodontic Post Graduate Program at Boston University under the auspices of Dr. Herbert Schilder, the father of the Warm Gutta Percha Technique, a form of which almost every Endodontist in the world now uses. Dr. Grossman went on to get his licence to practice in both Florida and Hawaii and spent time in both places practicing his craft. In the end Dr. Grossman returned to his roots, Ontario. He gravitated to Whitby, Ontario where he has practiced as an Endodontist for the past 29 years. He freely admits, having practiced in many different locations, that the quality of Dentistry in the Durham region is second to none. The quality of the patients is also second to none which is what has kept him in Whitby all these years.

Dr. Grossman is married to his amazing wife Sylvia and has 4 children aged 25, 21, 17, and 14. His eldest daughter, Sabrina is just finishing up her Degree in Law from Oxford University in Britain and has a 3-year contract with a large firm in London, England. Harrison, the next eldest, graduated from Ivey School of Business in 2019 and is working full time as an investment banker for one of Canada’s largest banks. Max, the next oldest is graduating from high school this year and has been accepted to the University of Waterloo’s Mechatronics Program. And finally, Julia is finishing grade 8 this year and from the age of 2 has always said she wants to be a veterinarian. Apparently they say that intelligence is transmitted by the female and credits his children’s success to his wife who he admits is always right (even when she is wrong) That’s how you stay married. Lol

Dr. Grossman enjoys, skiing, nature walks, reading for pleasure when there is time but mostly just being with family whenever they can all be together either at home or on vacation. He has a private pilot’s licence but actually admits he prefers the comfort and relaxation of being a commercial airline passenger and hasn’t been at the helm of a plane in years. His professional motto is: “always striving for perfection with the utmost in patient comfort” and this constant striving for perfection carries over to his family life much to his family’s chagrin.