OPMI pico from ZEISS – Seeing without compromise

Simple, Compact, Proven

OPMI® pico from ZEISS is the trusted choice among doctors. It makes details and fine structures clearly visible. It enables us to better visualize the regions of interest and consistently provide high-quality examinations and treatments. We can see things that are impossible to see with the naked eye and complete cases successfully that years ago would have resulted in extractions. This also helps us, in many cases, find fractures that may be missed with the naked eye preventing us from completing cases that are doomed to failure and thereby saving our patients time, money, and prolonged discomfort.

The Zeiss Surgical microscope enables us to visualize high-contrast, true-colour images – the key to improving the quality of examination and treatment. This also helps us to explain procedures and findings to our patients using the high-definition material we obtain with these microscopes.

Restorative Dentistry
Quickly detect enamel and dentine fractures as well as approximal caries. High precision views enable accurate assessment of crown edges, preparation levels, and veneers.

Visualize fine anatomical structures and details of root canals and isthmuses for a clear view right down to the apex.

Better View

ZEISS OPMI pico enables you to visualize high-contrast, true-color images – the key to improving the quality of the examination and treatment. With ZEISS OPMI pico, optics and illumination go hand in hand.

Better Education

Real-life pictures are very convincing. ZEISS OPMI pico can accommodate a full HD video camera with recording and streaming, allowing us to present you with high-definition material to explain procedures.