Pre-Root Canal Therapy Checklist

FOR PATIENTS WHO’VE never had root canal therapy before, the procedure can seem...

FOR PATIENTS WHO’VE never had root canal therapy before, the procedure can seem very intimidating. A lot of that is thanks to the way they’re portrayed in media and the fact that they used to be a lot more intense than they are now. To help our patients be at ease before their appointments, we’ve put together a quick pre-root canal therapy checklist.

Follow This Checklist Before Root Canal Therapy

  1. Get plenty of rest the night before.
  2. Eat regular meals, except in the case of I.V. sedation. (Feel free to double-check with us to make sure of which applies.)
  3. Be prepared with insurance information.
  4. Bring any X-rays from the general dentist.
  5. Take a basic over-the-counter pain reliever to help ease any tooth pain prior to the procedure and to help with soreness and discomfort afterward.
  6. Try to relax. We know that many people struggle with dental phobia, but remember that root canal therapy doesn’t cause pain, it relieves it! Just imagine how much better that tooth will feel soon.

Let us know if you have any questions about root canal therapy!

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