Let’s Answer Some Endodontic FAQs!

THE DENTAL SPECIALTY of endodontics is a mystery to a lot of people. Let’s fix that with...

THE DENTAL SPECIALTY of endodontics is a mystery to a lot of people. Let’s fix that with a quick round of FAQs!

1. What’s the difference between endodontists and dentists?

All endodontists are dentists, but only 3% of dentists undergo the extra study and training to become endodontists. That’s what makes us the experts when it comes to root canal treatment!

2. What is the purpose of endodontics?

As endodontists, we focus on the pulp inside of a tooth and tissues around the roots.

3. How do endodontists save teeth?

Unlike in the old days, when there wasn’t anything to do about an infected tooth except pull it, we can remove the diseased dental pulp and seal the tooth off so it doesn’t have to be removed!

4. What are the signs that a tooth needs root canal treatment?

In most cases, a general dentist will refer a patient for endodontic treatment, but symptoms include throbbing, aching, or a feeling of pressure in a tooth, temperature sensitivity in the tooth, pain while biting down, swelling in the jaw or gums, or a fractured tooth.

5. Is it true that root canal treatment is painful?

While an infected tooth can be incredibly painful, modern root canal therapy actually relieves pain! One of our highest priorities is patient comfort.

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