Let’s Celebrate Save Your Tooth Month!

EVERY MAY, WE celebrate Save Your Tooth Month. Healthy teeth play a large role...

EVERY MAY, WE celebrate Save Your Tooth Month. Healthy teeth play a large role in overall health. Tooth pain is the clearest warning sign that something is wrong in the mouth, and the best people to turn to when an aching tooth needs saving is the endodontist.

Why Natural Teeth?

Natural teeth are worth saving, even if it seems easier to simply pull a diseased or infected tooth. As advanced as modern prosthodontics (false teeth) are, there is still nothing that compares to how good our natural teeth are at looking, functioning, and lasting the way they should. What’s more, pulling the tooth sometimes hurts more than the infection!

Once a tooth is missing, the surrounding teeth will begin to shift towards the space where it was. The jaw isn’t stimulated where the tooth was and can begin to atrophy. Artificial teeth also require a lot of maintenance from the dentist, and those costs can pile up.

We Prioritize Patient Comfort

Modern endodontist offices are equipped with advanced tools and technology to help preserve natural teeth. While some general dentists provide root canal therapy, only endodontists have the training, education, experience, and specialized equipment to ensure a tooth has the best possible chance of lasting a lifetime.

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