What Is an Apicoectomy?

WHEN WE NEED to save a tooth by removing the tip of the root, we perform...

WHEN WE NEED to save a tooth by removing the tip of the root, we perform an apicoectomy. The tissue at a root tip can become infected (or sometimes reinfected after a previous root canal therapy), at which point it and the surrounding tissue need to be removed.

A Complex Endodontic Surgery

This is a specialized type of endodontic surgery that can be performed on children or adults to save an at-risk tooth. We may recommend an apicoectomy for a patient whose conventional root canal therapy failed, especially if there was unsuccessful retreatment or typical retreatment isn’t possible. An apicoectomy could be the only chance to save teeth like this from extraction.

The Apicoectomy Procedure

It’s normal to be nervous before any kind of surgery. We take patient comfort seriously, and part of that is information, so here’s a brief overview of the steps of an apicoectomy procedure:

  • Step 1: A local anesthetic is injected into the area around the infected tissue.
  • Step 2: The gum tissue around the affected tooth is opened.
  • Step 3. The inflamed or infected tissue and root tip are removed.
  • Step 4. The end of the root is sealed with a filling material.
  • Step 5. A few stitches or sutures are applied to help the tooth and gums heal.
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